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My Yoga and Healing Philosophy

I have come to understand during my life that 'one size' does not fit all.

We are unique in our very being, our make-up, our DNA. The way our bodies are; we are not all the same. Yes we have the same organs and skeletal bone – arms, legs, torso, a pair of lungs, heart, liver etc. However, our skeletal frame and structure is different. The way our bones sit in our joint sockets will differ from person to the next. What one person can do with their body, another cannot do. One person may be able to do the splits and put their legs behind their head and, with all the practice in the world, another person will never be able to do this. This is purely down to the way our bones and skeletal structure is formed. We are all unique.

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I have been in yoga classes and seen teachers pushing and pressing on someone’s body parts trying to get someone in a certain pose making all sorts of strong physical adjustments. I know; as I have had this done to me at times. However, due to someone’s skeletal make-up, the way their bones are formed and, how they may sit in their joint sockets, it may be that their body is just not going to be easily placed in a certain yoga pose and therefore, could cause more damage than good by forcing the body where it is just impossible to be positioned.

As a yoga teacher, also as a student and, having seen how some teachers can teach, it is my yoga philosophy to work with what we have, what our natural make-up has to offer us and, to tune in and listen to what our own body can do. I listen to what it needs at any given time and, not to concentrate on what the person next to me or, in front of me can do and then try and replicate this. My body’s dissatisfaction will let me know this is wrong.

Yoga for me is a way of connecting myself and my energies with the higher consciousness. It brings with it that feeling that there truly is someone higher than all of us. Once that connection to the higher consciousness is felt through Asana practise, it feels like a special gift and truly makes you see what yoga means.

For some people it can be a spiritual way of living, which, eventually brings with it many pathways that can lead to learning about the self and how we connect with everything and everyone in our lives.

Yoga is not just about the Asanas as many would think. Making that decision to learn about yoga properly is another life’s journey here on earth. It is like opening a jewellery box full of precious jewels and always finding something precious to hold onto and take with you through your lifetime. Yoga philosophy is something to study for a lifetime and learn from, which, opens us up to so much understanding of ourselves and, acts as a support to living on our journey on the earth plain.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga should be a guideline to everyone and not just those practising yoga. The study of the Yamas and Niyamas alone opens up so much about how you are as a person and, make you study the self more in depth and, how we are with others.

The first two limbs help one to strip back layers of the self. We can only do all of the above with the life force, Pranayama, the fourth limb. Using the breath correctly in Asanas and being mindful of where we should take the breath into the body makes yoga different altogether. Learning how to breathe with control is what makes yoga. Without the breath and, life force, there is no yoga. This leads to the mind being calm and therefore the benefits of a healthy body.

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During our Asana practise, we should try to reduce the agitations of the mind, bringing that awareness of being still, calm and being able to connect to that place of stillness by withdrawing from our senses being Pratyahara the fifth limb. Once the agitations of the mind have dropped, it is then we can concentrate on our Asanas properly, the sixth limb of yoga being Dharana and making that connection between the mind, body, breath and spirit.

When one is fully emerged in their practice of all of the above six limbs, it is then we can feel in a meditative state of mind in our practice, bringing peace in our mind and body.

We find our meditation through Dhyana. It is not just through our yoga practice that we are able to do this. Having a disciplined practice of meditation helps us to keep that stillness in our daily living too. All of us can strive to have those moments of Samadhi in our lives making us feel at one with the higher consciousness and, the feeling of love, peace and feeling free.

Please note:

I am not a Doctor nor a Counsellor and it may be that you should also seek the medical advice of a Doctor or the help of a Counsellor which may also help your healing journey. My healing practices do not negate the need where necessary for medical intervention of a Doctor or a Counsellor or other medical practitioner where necessary.

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