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Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things.

The word reiki means 'spiritual energy'. Japan is the birthplace of the reiki system and was created by Mikao Usui whom was born in 1865. He grew up with a Buddhist education and, later become a lay Tendai priest. It is believed he practised ancient religious believes and practices in the mountains of Japan, which, involved receiving divine inspiration through such practices.

Mikao created the method of reiki in the early 1900s to help develop an individual’s spiritual connection and Mikao himself, through his own spiritual development, evolved his teaching in what he believed would benefit everyone, whether religious or not. He saw it as a healing tool to heal the self. In 1922 he set up an official seat of learning in Tokyo, which, also included palm healing.

He was also invited by naval offices to teach them palm healing to use as first aid on naval vessels. This teaching in the form of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

Spiritual energy can be seen as the energy of everything and, to feel energy is to experience life at it’s fullest.

To sense and feel energy reminds us of our connection to life and the universe and to live in harmony with it.

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We are all able to heal ourselves through different methods. We are put on this earth plain to fulfil a journey, which we are given the opportunity to take. A spiritual path is open to everyone and, it is up to each individual whether we choose that path for whatever reasons.

For me, connecting spiritually and, with the help of my spirit guides, has helped me to heal myself and, to deal with all that this journey has put in my path for my spiritual growth.

Have faith in your own healing journey and believe that through self-care and healing, you can become whole in your body, mind and heart.

Once you take that first step of acknowledging that you need to heal yourself, there can be no better way to start your healing journey than to acknowledge the self and, awaken to your own needs.

Om shanti

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