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This practice of yoga was historically used to prepare the body and mind for extreme and prolonged sitting in meditation.

Hatha yoga is a branch of classical yoga that emphasises physical postures called Asanas; along with working with the breath, which brings a mindful state to the body and mind.

It helps to manipulate and move the energy around the body and, to bring mindful awareness to the body that you may have never tuned into.

This style of yoga also aids in the movement of joints and muscles working together; with the breath in exercising your lungs. Controlled breathing brings inner awareness to the body and the mind.

Hatha also helps to release tension and stresses in the body; creating the space required in the body to function properly. It also creates strength bringing with it more flexibility. It calms the mind and creates space for potential spiritual growth when practised on a regular basis. It also helps to cleanse the body and energy channels in the body.

“Ha” means sun and “Ta” means moon. Together Hatha yoga works on restoring the mind and body into balance and, also prepares the body for higher possibility.

Hatha Yoga. Yoga Pic 1

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