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Why practice Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga brings awareness to the body, organs and functioning of the body. It opens the inner deeper joints safely and coupled with the breath brings new life force into the joints and connective tissues invoking cell renewal and fluid into the joints.

As we age our bodies and joints degenerate if not used or exercised properly, bringing disharmony and disease into the body.

Yin yoga brings natural healing to the body by enhancing the flow of energy, cell renewal through the body and organs. It calms the nervous system and the mind bringing an awareness to the self.

Once you feel the effects of Yin yoga, you will feel the magic of natural healing to the body as a whole. This leaves you calm but energised, stronger in the mind, body and joints and wanting more!

When coming out of a pose, there is a moment of fragility while the joints and their connective tissues and ligaments are rebounding. Being mindful of this feeling in the affected areas of the body is, letting you know that the yoga is working. It gives a lovely awareness to the body, re-energising the body and bringing a calmness and grounding feeling to the body and mind.

At the beginning of a Yin yoga practice, I introduce a mindfulness meditation to quieten the mind, body and to breathe correctly. This in turn will help to bring awareness into a Yin state in order to be mindful of their practice of the poses and, to encourage listening to the body in a more quieter and, meditative state of mind. Only when the mind and breath are quiet can we truly listen to our body and find that inner voice and insight to what our body requires.

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A mindful meditation at the start of a class will connect a student to an awareness of the mind, self and will aid concentration.

I would try to keep my student in this quiet state of mind during their whole Yin practice by speaking during the session, reminding them to bring their awareness back to the breath and, listen to how the body and joints are feeling or opening. Then the student can acknowledge and be mindful of their emotions and, what may be coming to the surface for them during practice.

After practice I would bring my student into Savasana and again, start the Savasana by talking through relaxation of the body. After this, I would ask a student to be in an easy seated pose, just bring their awareness back to the body and flow of Prana and Chi through the body. Also to be mindful of how they are feeling in this quiet state and to take this away with them.

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