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It is transforming to feel the effects of how powerful and nourishing restorative yoga really is.

Restorative yoga heals the effects of stress, it helps the body to recover from illness and restores the body with new energy and equilibrium.

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After restorative yoga you feel like you’ve touched base with yourself and your body.

We so take for granted how our bodies function without giving a thought for our internal organs. We just go through day to day expecting our bodies to work for us. When we actually take the proper time out and give our bodies some serious thought, you will realise that our bodies are working at great capacity – our lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, our gallbladder, pancreas, the list goes on! Our organs are keeping us alive and yet, we take no notice of them until something goes wrong with our bodies. It is only then we consider our internal organs and their function.

How sad are we to take so much for granted and to not give our internal mechanisms a single thought until we become unwell. We then end up at the doctors or the hospital expecting someone to put things right for us. If only we had just taken a little more care of ourselves in order to prevent illness.

Restorative yoga brings a sense of calm and peace to the body and mind. It gives you an insight into your own body and what is feeling and what it needs. To help our bodies to function and re-energise, we need to give ourselves healing time.

After practising restorative yoga, it is essential to maintain a degree of this practice into your daily life. Even taking 10-minutes out of your day and putting yourself in just one restorative position can be re-energising and transform your day and how you function.

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